Green Expo Awards 2023

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Community Engagement

Entering the awards has been made as simple as possible.

  1. Entry is free and you are recommended to copy & paste all the text from this section into a document and save that on your drive before completing the five text response areas and your details below that. Complete your entry in that document.
  2. Click on the ‘submit entry’ button below, add the award category you are entering for to the email subject line, and add the document you’ve been saving and any further supporting evidence as attachments to the email.
  3. Note in the email if any large files are coming by WeTransfer and use that email address for the email in the WeTransfer details. Good Luck!
  4. We will acknowledge all entries so if you don’t hear from us after 24 hours, email again to check without attachments.


Announced 2nd week in April.
Absolute deadline for entries: Monday 30th October 5pm.
The winner will be announced and awarded at the Green Expo Welcome and Awards Dinner. Tickets are £150 with tables of 10 at £1,200. A representative from the winning company must attend. More information at

Judging panel:

A panel of five judges will be assessing entries in this category, drawn from relevant and experienced experts in commerce, innovation, finance and marketing.


Organisations can be a subsidiary of another organisation or be a quoted company or a Community Interest Company but should be incorporated in England and Wales.
The Community Engagement Award celebrates connections by an organisation to a local community and wider society, celebrating how local, national and international communities are linked and grown by these connections.
The Community Engagement Award recognises the partnerships and collaborations which bring tangible benefit to local residents or wider communities.
Organisations will be operating in the ‘Green Space’ – helping to change and contribute to environmental protection and natural resource conservation, reduce waste, or make progress towards net zero or on decarbonisation.
Engagement must be applicable for, applied from or available to the North West UK.

Entry Measurement Criteria, this has 4 distinct factors:


The work in brief

35 words maximum

Opportunity, Conception, Method, Development

How did the idea or need evolve? How did it gain momentum? How did you overcome barriers?

300 words maximum


Need/desire, Differentiation, Cost, Advantage
How does the work make a difference? What is it achieving? Why is it better than other ideas that have gone before?

300 words maximum


Message, Engagement, Availability, Achievement
How is the message and broader story of the project communicated in clear and compelling ways? Any figures to back up its success?

300 words maximum


Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Potential
What are the immediate and longer term impacts of the project on the environment and society as a whole? We are also interested in how the engagement may grow or develop in the future to solve more issues present or anticipated.

300 words maximum

Supporting documents:

Engagement plan or slide deck, press coverage, technical peer reviewed papers.

Submission organisation name:
Web site: _________________________________
Submission contact:
Name: _________________________________________
Role/title: ______________________________________
Email: _________________________________________
Mobile: ________________________________________


I hereby declare that the information submitted herein and as supporting documentation are to the best of my knowledge, true and verifiable. I understand and agree that should any of the information submitted herein and / or any supporting documentation appended herein found to be factually incorrect or are designed to mislead the judges, my nomination will be null and void, and if I’ve been declared a winner, my award will be rescinded. I declare that I am not related to any staff of the Organisers or to any judges appointed by the Organisers (except normal business relationship, if any). I further declare that I have not attempted and will not attempt in any manner, monetary or otherwise, to influence the decisions of the Organisers and/or the judges. I also declare that my business and I have never been investigated for criminal or civil offences at any time in the past or present. Feedback may be given. I accept that the judges’ decision is final.

Should we be shortlisted, I understand that the winner will be announced and awarded at the Green Expo Awards Dinner. Tickets are £150 with tables of 10 at £1,200. I agree that a representative from our organisation, should we be shortlisted, will attend.

I agree to any publicity during the selection and awards process, and for our organisation to be filmed should we be shortlisted, for prior approval by our organisation before it is shown in public.

Signed: ____________________________________

Date: ____________

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The Green Revolution

“We have to work together collaboratively to achieve such a massive shift in our behaviour, on energy use, consumption and waste.”

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


The Climate Change Revolution

“The Sun collaborates with the soil to bring plants and flowers to life. We should learn from nature and collaborate more. The North West has great initiatives like HyNet, one of UKGOV’s first two Hydrogen projects.”


The Net Zero Revolution

 “The North West region is a region driving and leading change towards Net Zero and carbon reduction. Its location is ‘investor ready’ for the key technologies needed and can deliver tangible growth, employment opportunities and economic regeneration.”