The Green Expo Exposition 2023

Thu.-Sat. 15th – 17th June, 10am – 6pm.

Castle Drive, Chester CH1 1SL

Come and see how energy use and sustainable options for the home, office, communities, towns and cities are changing. Find out how alternative sources and renewable solutions for energy, transport, waste and water can help and meet the organisations driving this forward including charities and artisan producers.

GREEN EXPO is being organised in conjunction with Chester based Eco Communities UK.

The Green Hut Talks Programme

11:00 Chester Heritage Festival: What’s On in the next two weeks.

11:30 Hydro Hub: An update on restoring the Old Dee Pumping Station.

3:00 Chester Heritage Festival: What’s On in the next two weeks.

3:30 Hydro Hub: An update on restoring the Dee Pumping Station.

Food and Drink will be available which will address issues such as local provenance, low carbon food production and healthy eating. We will have a range of eating outlets meeting a set of criteria for the Expo.

Explore topics like ‘The Circular Economy’, which takes a look at issues such as waste and recycling, energy efficiency, water use and see examples of good practice. Find out about transportation without compromising the environment, eVehicles, charging and active travel. Try out new modes of travel.

Learn about conservation, energy, water & natural resources with a Global Dimension, including issues such as Fair Trade and climate change.

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Marketing PRojects conducted a survey of Cheshire residents from May 2021 onwards which presents attitudes to sustainability and individuals’ perception of local initiatives. We found that 59% ‘Don’t know enough about climate change and Net Zero’, 88% ‘Don’t know enough about local efforts and activities on climate change and Net Zero’ and 84% would ‘like to know more’. This has demonstrated the high level of interest and appetite for this event.

A selection of Images from 2022

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The Green Revolution

"We have to work together collaboratively to achieve such a massive shift in our behaviour, on energy use, consumption and waste."

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."


The Climate Change Revolution

"If we look after the Earth only then will the Earth be able to look after us. The cost of inaction is far greater than the cost of prevention. Find practical ways of overcoming differences so we can all get down to work together to rescue this precious planet and save the threatened future of our young people."       King Charles III


The Net Zero Revolution

"The North West region is a region driving and leading change towards Net Zero and carbon reduction. Its location is ‘investor ready’ for the key technologies needed and can deliver tangible growth, employment opportunities and economic regeneration."