The third Green Expo is taking place this year in Chester with the prestigious Photo Competition already receiving entries, a Youth Conference at the University of Chester on June 14 and the exposition at the Innovation Zone in Grosvenor Park June 15-16 at Chester Green Weekend. The Awards Dinner will be held on November 14.

Green Expo is gathering information for a manifesto of questions, concerns and pledges from organisations and individuals to be submitted for the Global climate change conference, COP 29.

At last year’s Green Expo the following responses were received to three big questions from attendees at the Green Expo Awards Dinner: ‘What action and delivery do you want from COP28?’ ‘These are issues my organisation and I face’, and ‘In return, I/we pledge to do this …’

Last year the responses sought a far stronger commitment from the conference on the following: ‘rewild at scale and at pace’, ‘protect the oceans’, ‘replace industrial agriculture with regenerative agriculture’, ‘reduce the use of carbon-based fuels’ ‘increase investment in renewables’, ‘contribute firm amounts to the global climate emergency fund’ and ‘implement carbon taxes for the wealthy’.

Responses encouraged investment and research into alternative energy sources: ‘Hydro Power from rivers and ocean currents. (River hydro power powered the 1st global Industrial Revolution. The same rivers are still flowing, use them!)’, ‘The aviation industry must demonstrate its reduction in carbon footprint’, ‘More global agreement on water quality standards’ and ‘Focus on the actions, not just talking about wish lists’.

 Respondents said they were facing: ‘Pressures on small companies, with challenging market conditions and internal factors limiting time and money to invest in ‘Green’ activities.’  ‘A lack in public transport infrastructure means we use the car more than we would like.’  ‘We would like simpler access to grants to support innovation.’  ‘Rising travel costs as “greener” options are significantly more expensive than damaging forms of travel’.  ‘Lack of true “Seed Funding” for practical solutions. Big investment is being diverted to, and controlled by, already wealthy energy companies.’  ‘Frustration with changing and inadequate UK government energy policy.’

In return, respondents pledged to: ‘Commit to reducing carbon in our organisation by 20%.’  ‘Continue to develop innovative solutions that enable corporations to become more sustainable.’  ‘Increasingly work online and remotely.’  ‘Support Cheshire based Green Investment proposals and associated education and awareness campaigns & initiatives (eg Hydro Hub).’  ‘To continue to promote and educate societies to the awesome potential of generating clean, green energy from naturally moving water.’  ‘Use forms of travel wherever possible that have absolutely no environmental impact (cycling, walking).’

Jane Harrad-Roberts, Project Director for Green Expo said; “We are asking anyone interested in green issues to add in their questions, concerns and pledges to the survey for us to send to COP29.”

“This year we want to be more inclusive and open up the opportunity to respond to everyone, over a longer period, so we can collate a firm message from the North West on climate issues to the Conference of the Parties in November. We want Chester’s Green Expo 2024 to send an even stronger message to the world leaders at COP29.”

She added; “COP28 was particularly momentous as it marked the conclusion of the first ‘global stocktake’ of the world’s efforts to address climate change under the Paris Agreement.”

“Having shown that progress was too slow across all areas of climate action – from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to strengthening resilience to a changing climate, to getting the financial and technological support to vulnerable nations – countries responded with a decision on how to accelerate action across all areas by 2030.”

“This includes a call on governments to speed up the transition away from fossil fuels to renewables such as wind and solar power in their next round of climate commitments.”

Have your say to change our region’s response on climate change by completing the 3-question survey here.” Or here: