Green Expo is the North West and North Wales’ regional event to celebrate and show progress on fighting climate change and achieving carbon reduction towards Net Zero, sustainability and all things Green.

June’s exposition in Chester was part of the UK-wide Great Big Green Week and attracted 4,500 attendees across its 3 days. Bigger and better than the first Green Expo it generated 34% more renewable energy than it used, demonstrating how solar and wind power can power up ‘popup’ events. A programme of talks delivered over the three days showcased progress in the region and also presented solutions for electric vehicles, homes and for water power. Refreshments, much needed ice cream, artisan products and information from local green charities and companies were also available.

Event Director, Jane Harrad-Roberts said; “The 2023 Green Exposition was especially significant because it was carbon neutral, showed the best green activities in the region and because hydro power was demonstrated a few yards from what used to be Chester’s Hydro electric building. In the 1920 to 1950s the equipment there met much of the City’s power needs. Green Expo is also raising money to help restore this building as the Hydro Hub.”

Helen Tandy, Director of Eco Communities UK which helped organise Green Expo said; “Organisations are coming together to illustrate progress on Net Zero and Sustainability in all walks of life and learn from each other. It’s important that everyone should feel involved and proud of what they are doing however small that contribution is. Whether it’s litter-picking, recycling, changing shopping habits or running a large company, every little helps us all.”

The Green Expo Photography Competition winners were displayed at Chester Cathedral during June with plans to continue this in a new vacant venue in Chester City Centre throughout the Autumn. The Green Expo Youth Conference run by Chester YouthCAN was oversubscribed and may be run on two days next June.

Jane added; “The Green Expo Awards Dinner will be held on Thursday, November 9th and we are seeking entries from innovators and organisations across all business sectors and sponsors. There is also a new award for ‘Youth initiative of the Year’ and for ‘Community Engagement’ which was won last year by Eco Communities UK. Great things are going on in the region and we need to shout about them and learn quickly from the skills we are developing here. Put the date in your diary now.”

More information about the Awards Dinner, tickets and tables is available at





Top: Green Expo 2023 was even bigger and better than last year. It generated 34% more renewable energy than it used, demonstrating solar and wind power.

Middle Left: learning about plans for the Hydro Hub at Green Expo 2023 in June. Middle Right: Jane Harrad-Roberts, Sam Dixon MP & Helen Tandy at Green Expo 2023.

Bottom left: St Joseph’s Catholic & Anglican High School, Wrexham visits Green Expo and attends the Green Expo Youth Conference. Bottom Right: Upton High School visits Green Expo and attends the Green Expo Youth Conference.