The Green Expo Photo Competition 2024

Winners are now on view at Chester Cathedral in time for Chester Green Weekend June 14th – 16th. 

The Cathedral is open until 6pm. Entrance is FREE but donations are encouraged.

The 2025 competition is open for entries – any age, any ability in November.

Photographing the world around us helps us to connect with that world and, hopefully, to understand it a little better. Many competitions focus on the negative aspects of climate change but Green Expo would like to focus on the positive aspects of renewable energy, innovation, the natural world and positive steps towards Net Zero.

The Green Expo Photography Competition was new in 2022 and has 3 categories, 9 awards:

  • Progress to Net Zero: Energy & Innovation, Reducing waste
  • Climate Change; Wind, Waves and Weather
  • The Natural world’s resilience; City, Countryside and Coastline. Coping, despite the challenges.

Each category is for:

  • Ages up to 18.
  • Adults aged 19 and over.
  • Professional Photographers.

Each photo should have some relation to the North West and North Wales, either its location or of an innovation that could apply or is being used here.

The entry form is available from the link below. The form will ask you for your contact information and to include why you think the photo is relevant to its category and for the story behind the photo, in no more than 200 words for each.

You can attach your photo to the form as a jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, png, bmp, tiff, tif or pdf. (The maximum file size is 256 MB.) Please try to send your entries as a jpeg file of between 1 and 4Mb in size.

Please complete a new form for each photo you submit. Entries are free with a maximum of 5 entries per person.

By sending us your entry you are giving us permission to reproduce and display the image together with your name. We will be displaying the winners in Chester City Centre in time for Green Expo 2024.

We are seeking sponsors for the competition, please get in touch if you can help.

DEADLINE for entries 31st May 2025.


Supported by:

Photo Competition Sponsors 2024

Competition Winners 2023

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The Green Revolution

"We have to work together collaboratively to achieve such a massive shift in our behaviour, on energy use, consumption and waste."

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."


The Climate Change Revolution

"If we look after the Earth only then will the Earth be able to look after us. The cost of inaction is far greater than the cost of prevention. Find practical ways of overcoming differences so we can all get down to work together to rescue this precious planet and save the threatened future of our young people."       King Charles III


The Net Zero Revolution

"The North West region is a region driving and leading change towards Net Zero and carbon reduction. Its location is ‘investor ready’ for the key technologies needed and can deliver tangible growth, employment opportunities and economic regeneration."