Ground-Breaking Environmental Initiatives

The Issue

The world is facing a climate crisis and energy-intensive businesses should be doing all that they can to help keep the world’s temperature from rising. Encirc recognises that the manufacturing industry plays a huge role in the fight against climate change and puts sustainability at the heart of everything it does. From logistics and transportation to use of raw materials and fuel-switching, innovation is key to its environmental success.

Glass offers an environmentally friendly way forward for packaging, through the ability to be infinitely re-used and recycled, glass containers are key to unlocking a closed loop within the packaging industry.

Encirc is looking to lead the way through its pioneering trials and initiatives and showcase to other companies the steps the industry can take to create a more environmentally friendly sector.

Our solution

Encirc has recently announced that its Science-Based Targets (SBTs) have now been validated. These are the most ambitious of their kind and will ensure the organisations operate in a way which helps prevent the planet’s temperature from rising more than 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

The news represents the next step in Encirc’s journey to create a sustainable future and make the first net-zero carbon glass containers.
The glass maker is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in a way which will prevent the worst effects of climate change whilst futureproofing the company.

It is thought the emission-reducing activities being rolled out across Encirc will allow them to become the most sustainable glass makers in the world.

The Results

The new targets are being supported by a range of ground-breaking environmental activities at Encirc’s plants. These include the 2021 project with Glass Futures which pioneered the development of the world’s most sustainable glass container using low-carbon biofuels. There was also the recent creation of a district heating network around its facility in Corsico, Milan, which reduces the amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere by 3,000 tonnes a year while providing a sustainable supply of energy for the local population.

Encirc is in the process of creating some of the world’s most sustainable glass furnaces, as well as making continued investments in more environmentally friendly methods of logistics, working with cutting-edge suppliers, and creating the first zero-emission glass bottles.