Tatton Services

Tatton Services is a new partnership between the Westmorland Family, owner of Tebay Services on the M6, Gloucester Services on the M5 and Cairn Lodge Services on the M74, and the Tatton Group (part of the wider Tatton Estate, who are the landowners of the site). The driving force behind both family  businesses, is to celebrate our place and everything it has to offer. In so doing, we strive to be a meaningful part of our community – socially, economically and environmentally.

Working through the vision and design stages of the proposed new venture at Tatton has been really exciting. As a team we were determined to think outside the box and ensure we put sustainability at the heart of the decision making process to shape every iteration as the design developed. Key areas we focussed on included CO2 Emissions, Water, Materials and Waste, Health and Wellbeing, Biodiversity and Resilience.  

Working with Ramboll, a globally respected consultancy in sustainability, we have invested a lot of time working through its Sustainability Design Tool and have identified many actions that taken together, should hugely improve our sustainability.

Key Headlines:

  • A Life Cycle Assessment has been commissioned and will be continually updated and improved throughout the life of the project to minimise embodied carbon.  This work has informed the current design and has, so far, resulted in reducing embodied carbon by 20-30%.
  • To reduce operational carbon, firstly, passive design features have been embed. Secondly, low and zero carbon technologies have been assessed resulting in ground source and air source heat pumps, solar thermal and photovoltaics all being incorporated within the plans.  This will generate at least 10% of the buildings predicted annual energy consumption from decentralised and renewable or low carbon sources, as well as achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions compared to Part L of Building Regulations (December 2021).  Liaison with Manchester Airport has taken place to ensure that the provision of photovoltaics is acceptable from an aviation perspective.    
  • Sustainable Transport Options for employees are to be provided.  A Sustainable Travel Fund is to be delivered that will help encourage travel via sustainable means, such as walking, cycling, new or existing bus services, bespoke bus shuttles and car sharing measures.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging is a key facility required now and increasingly into the future.  The Tatton MSA electrical containment infrastructure has been designed to be ready to accommodate 54 EV chargers for the MSA plus an additional 42 EV chargers to cater for long stay visitor use at the MSA Hotel and for staff using the car park. 
  • The surface water drainage design incorporates ‘SuDS’ (sustainable urban drainage system), which will deal with the potential for additional surface water with rainwater harvesting and beautiful pond network; and improve water quality using landscaping and planting features, such as gardens and swales, that are beneficial to the ecological environment as well as our landscape.    
  • There will be an improvement of at least 20% in general habitat and 10% hedgerow biodiversity across the site as part of on site “Biodiversity Net Gain”.  In addition, we will deliver improvements to Yarwood heath Covert, a Local Wildlife Site.
  • There is a commitment to local procurement, during both construction and operation of Tatton Services.
  • Tatton Services will implement a wide range of best practices to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

The project has been submitted as a full planning application to Cheshire East Council. If successful,  we will continue to challenge ourselves and our teams to refine and further develop our sustainable goals, looking to embed as many emerging technologies that take us down the path to net zero.

 For more information on the project please visit www.tattonservices.com