The Greener Group

Renewable Energy Specialists

The Greener Group Ltd. specialises in solar PV panels, biomass boilers, air source heat pumps and other forms of renewable energy technology. This includes the design and installation of green energy solutions, from small scale domestic projects to large scale commercial installations. The Greener Group was the first UK company to install solar electric roof slates and are now the UK’s first ever installer of Hydrelio floating solar PV for large bodies of water.

The Greener Group was founded in November 2009 by entrepreneurs who saw the chance to make an impact in the fledgling renewable energy market, they had a vision of building a company that could offer a range of environmentally friendly technologies, products and services whilst helping customers to secure their energy future.

The Greener Group is now one of the North West’s leading renewable energy installation companies. Since the inception of The Greener Group a lot has happened in the UK renewable industry and there have been some amazing highs and difficult lows. The company has been through them all and despite regular turbulence within the industry has been able to ‘ride the waves’. Through adversity comes strength and that is how the team and the company has emerged. Over the decade The Greener Group has learnt a tremendous amount about many aspects of the energy and heating industry, both new tech and traditional and are ideally positioned to pass this knowledge on to clients. Two testimonials follow:

“It is 3 years today since the solar panels were fitted. When you first came your projection for a 4kW system on my roof would produce an annual output of 3227kW per year. However today I took a read = 10872! this equates to average generation output of 3624 per year which is over 10% more!!! Thank you.”

“It’s been just over 3 years since the installation. I had 16 panels [4Kw] solar panels added to my house and a rented property. both installations have been working very well over that period, and have met their target yearly figures of just over 3,200kw. having them on east and west roof space has meant that there is more energy at the start and end of the day, so are able to maximise the ‘free’ energy when I come home from work. My tenants have also benefitted, as they get cheaper electric bills with the panels on their roof!”