Chester, along with Milton Keynes, Middlesborough, Stafford, Yarmouth, Scunthorpe and other towns and cities benefits from Ginger’s solar powered scooter scheme.

eScooters will be available at Green Expo along with safety helmets for anyone to ‘have a go’ and learn about riding safely in the city. They will also be encouraging anyone to have a go on their online Ginger Train programme. 

Ginger cares about the UK’s local communities and wants to make them better connected, to improve the liveability of towns and cities for all. Its approach is to help build a shared transport service that integrates well with local areas, working closely with local councils, addressing residents’ and councils’ needs.

Ginger, works in partnership with Chester business, Dandy’s to use solar panels and Tesla battery charging facilities to power and recharge the fleet.

Chester’s trial has been extended to November as its continuing popularity sees the fleet extend from 40 e-scooters to 172, with more than 45 dockless parking bays at various locations around the city centre. Riders have clocked up 180,000 miles – more than seven times the circumference of the earth.

There is a really useful FAQs section on the web site and an opportunity to record any safety concerns.